York College: Academic Building Retro-Commissioning

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York College Academic Core Building

HVAC Retro-Commissioning HAVC Performance Study and Post Upgrade TAB

Airpath executed at York College Academic Core Building a Retro-commissioning Conditions Assessment and post control upgrade final NEBB Certified TAB program. Working alongside Siemens Building Division, Airpath performed a multi-phase retro-commissioning program which included the upgrading of the entire control system and replacement of all VAV controls. Airpath initially identified many issues with the air handlers, fans, pneumatic controls, dampers, filters, duct connections, access doors, fire/smoke dampers, etc. Airpath offered suggestions for the equipment testing and MEP upgrades. To perform a detailed conditions assessment the process includes each air handler and fan, supply / return / and outsides air flow measurements, detailing condition of filters, recording fan and motor speeds, system component static pressure losses, damper operations, etc. This process is the first step required to determine the function and operation necessary to achieve design flow rates and temperature control. Part of this assessment was to determine if air flow is available for all air devices at the design rates. Duct traverses and capture hoods were used for this purpose. The total flow measured at the air devices should be similar to the actual fan capacity. If the air flow is not sufficient a determination is made to investigate causes of air leakage or blockages such as the position of the fire/smoke dampers and fire dampers in the duct work.