About Airpath

Airpath Engineering

Airpath Engineering DPC is a full-service MEP Engineering firm offering mechanical design, HVAC performance studies, HVAC commissioning, as well as mechanical vibration and acoustical analysis.

Airpath has a wholistic approach to addressing the needs of our clients. We focus on the best methods to achieve occupant comfort, while working with architectural aesthetic and energy efficiency goals. Airpath Engineering understands intrinsically what will function in the field as intended rather than appeal on paper. Our team of Mechanical Engineers and certified personnel have firsthand experience in the field, assessing and testing HVAC systems’ configurations. Such assessments range from large scale projects such as airport, hospitals, schools and transportation infrastructure HVAC systems; to retail, mid/high rise residential and office fit out HVAC configurations. This depth of knowledge in HVAC functionality and application for the end users, guides our application of the latest HVAC design methods for our clients.

Airpath Testing Services

Airpath has been offering NEBB Certified HVAC Testing Services and Building Mechanical Systems Performance Testing for over 30 years.

Our NEBB Certified Professionals and NEBB Certified Technicians have expertise in executing successful Testing Adjusting and Balancing (T.A.B) programs from out of the ground new construction HVAC systems, to existing building ventilation compliance and comfort balancing. The Airpath staff is trained to perform T.A.B, Sound Level, Vibration Level, blower door, building pressurization, and Duct Leakage Testing Services. All Airpath personnel are trained according to the NEBB procedural standards for implementation of testing methods and equations needed to provide performance measurements in all measurement applications. Our staff of certified professionals and certified technicians perform annual training and attend seminars to keep current with the best practices of our industry.

A successful project is one in which the owner, contractor, and end user are satisfied. Stakeholder satisfaction is achieved with an HVAC system that is operating with the design intent met and the end user ideally comfortable and in good spirits. Our engineering team integrates with our field-testing services staff and client personnel to provide engineered solutions. This full-service approach to provide solutions for the client’s HVAC operational and performance goals is proven and repeatable.


Airpath Group

Airpath Group provides tailored energy management, HVAC mechanical systems consulting, specialty field testing programs and HVAC compliance solutions for Federal, State, Municipal, and Agency clients.

Whether you need to identify opportunities to improve occupant comfort and ventilation, track and improve indoor air quality, or carry out clean energy initiatives pinpointing which of your facilities is using the most energy and when, Airpath Group can bring clarity and evidence-based solutions. Key areas we can help you manage include:

  • Accurate metering - Enables you to identify and quantify issues and resolve them, providing fiscal data for your business case and investment.
  • Plant Boiler and Chiller Plant control strategies - Implementing Energy monitors could achieve savings of up to 30%.
  • Condensate return - By recycling the energy flash steam and liquid condensate, it is possible to cut the amount of fuel used in steam boilers by 25%.
  • Control logic - Key performance data such as steam use, fuel consumption, and plant temperature help operators to monitor energy use more closely and adjust the system to optimize efficiency.