LIRR GCT & GCC Smoke Exhaust Flow Study

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GCT / LIRR: Cavern and Tunnel Smoke Extraction Testing Flow Scenario Testing Study

Grand Central Madison is the largest passenger rail terminal built in the country since 1945 and one of the largest transportation infrastructure projects in the United States at present day. The three level o-level caverns support four platforms and eight tracks, and will deliver Long Island commuters direct access to Manhattan’s east side, this offers new commuting opportunities for reverse peak travelers and enhance New York’s regional connectivity.

The Grand Central Terminal Concourse connection to the LIRR cavern lower level escalators entrances travels a 5+ city blocks. Along this distance passengers have access to several LIRR/MTA entrances along Madison Avenue. To ensure proper ventilation and smoke extraction of the enormous passenger egress from the lowest LIRR cavern track tunnels to the concourse level exits towards the street level and Grand Central Terminal, scenario testing was performed. This effort is the largest smoke extraction flow measurement testing of its kind. Airpath, working in conjunction with the construction and design team performed flow pattern with unique intendent zone flow strategies being challenged in real world conditions.